Metareal Stage is free to use for as long as you want, with an unlimited number of tours.
Build tours for free, with a small hosting plan included.
CAD $0
  • per
  • month
Creator comes with:

Too busy to build tours yourself? WE DO THE TOUR FOR YOU CAD $4/pano
  • Unlimited 3D Panorama Tours
  • Publish up to 15 panoramas per tour to Google Street View
  • 3D Model Views
  • Floorplans
  • Player SDK
  • 1Gb Storage*
    (Approx. 2 tours)
  • 8/5 Online Support
  • 48h Response
Perfect for professional users getting started.
CAD $9.95
  • per
  • month
Professional comes with
everything in Creator, plus:
Too busy to build tours yourself? WE DO THE TOUR FOR YOU CAD $3.35/pano
  • Floorplan Export
  • Unlimited panoramas when publishing to Google Street View
  • Labels
  • Custom Logos
  • Remove Metareal Branding
  • Custom Nadir Patch
  • 5Gb Storage*
    (Approx. 10 tours)
  • 8/5 Online Support
  • 24h Response
Best Value!
More of everything for making tours regularly.
CAD $39
  • per
  • Month
Premium comes with
everything in Professional, plus:
Too busy to build tours yourself? WE DO THE TOUR FOR YOU CAD $2.35/pano
  • Custom Player Themes
  • Team Account with up to 3 users
  • Team Management Tools
  • 50Gb Storage*
    (Approx. 100 tours)
  • Chat & Online Support
  • Priority Response
For larger teams with higher throughput.
Enterprise comes with
everything in Premium, plus:
  • Team Account with up to 5 users
  • Team Management Tools
  • Chat, Video & Online Support
  • Priority Response
  • Available Options:
  • Custom Integration with your Platform
  • Unlimited Users
360 Cameras recommended for use with Metareal Stage
Ricoh Theta Z1
Insta360 Insta ONE X2

*Note: No additional content can be created if quotas are exceeded and no storage Add-On has been purchased.

All "UNLIMITED" features are subject to a Fair Use Policy.

Pricing shown is just an approximate guideline and exact exchange rate is calculated only at checkout.

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