Why make virtual tours with Metareal Stage?

Although they look as good as expensive tours made with 3D scanners costing thousands of dollars, Metareal's 3D virtual tours are invariably simpler to make, and the whole process is fast and dependable. Here are the top benefits of using Metareal Stage.

Use any camera you like

Metareal works great with almost any 360 camera or DSLR (plus pano bracket). You can even use your phone (if you have a rotator).

Fully-automated service

In too much of a rush to build your tour? Just upload your panoramas and let one of our Metareal Certified Artists build it for you.

Capture with confidence

With Metareal Stage, you never need worry if your subject will scan. Whether it's bright sunshine, or even a shiny black car - if your panos look good, you know your tour will be awesome

Shoot locations faster

Shoot just one panorama or five per room. Flexible shooting requirements and affordable pricing mean you can make great margins on all jobs, large or small.

Mobile friendly

Metareal Stage tours are seriously light-weight, yet do not compromise on quality. You can download them quickly on any connection and view a crisp display even on your mobile phone.

VR ready

Thanks to WebVR, all our tours are automagically VR-enabled. Just grab a headset to give your clients that immersive VR experience.

How it all works


(or Upload)

Use (almost) any camera you like


Upload your images and we'll do the rest!
(Or build the tour yourself if you prefer!)


Blazing-fast, high-quality output that just works on web and mobile


Built-in 3D-aware analytics for deep insights into user behavior
*Coming Soon

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