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Specialist in Real Estate photography and virtual tours based in the South-Eastern region of France.

“After evaluating many solutions to create my virtual tours, I chose Metareal because it’s the only platform to offer a quality 3D system that leaves real control in the photographer’s hands. “

Jean-Christophe Stanghelli

- Enjoy everything Metareal Stage has to offer -

Get access to these features:

Use any camera

Unlike other 3D tour platforms that lock you in to specific cameras or a costly dedicated scanner, Metareal Stage works with any 360 camera, any DSLR with a pano-head, and even smartphone cameras with 360 rotators.

Fully White-Labeled

On paid subscription plans, Metareal Stage tours are completely white-labeled, making them MLS-friendly. The Premium plan even lets you completely re-skin the tour player, so you can ensure your tours fit perfectly with your customer’s brand.

Annotations & Interactive Notes

Add rich media annotations to tours, with text, images and links. Enable note sessions for tour viewers to add comments and suggestions.

DIY or Full Production Service

Using Metareal Stage you can either use the tool to build the tour yourself, or, if you’re short on time or prefer to focus on shooting more tours, you can have our production team build your tours for you, fast, reliably – and affordably.

Easy sharing

We provide web-hosting for all your tours, and an easy way to embed them to your own website. You can also publish your tours to Google Street View and show them on Google Maps.

Software Development Kit

Using our javascript SDK, it’s easy to integrate Metareal Stage virtual tours with all kinds of web applications, controlling them interactively, adding custom media, or even extracting detailed analytics.

...and more!

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“The reaction of people to the Metareal virtual 3D tours at the show was mind-blowing. There is definitely a need for such tours in the short-term rental niche and no one is doing it. Metareal will be the perfect partner for WeChalet to deploy this cutting-edge technology across our growing portfolio of unique homes in nature in the coming months.”

Dany Papineau


Connects you with unique homes located in nature

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I checked into many virtual tour platforms. But there was something missing from each of those programs. Then I heard about Metareal Stage, and how it lets you do floor plans and 3d tours. I signed up, and I finally found the way to accomplish the things I wanted to do.
Jeff LJ
Property Rehabilitator
When lockdown began, I decided to start looking into offering Real Estate virtual tours. I went with Metareal Stage because the finished product really blew my mind. The other options were either not inclusive enough (missing the 3D model feature), or too expensive.
Baptiste Rukto
I realized that this line of business isn't well explored by local businesses, and with COVID-19, there may be an increase in demand to show places virtually. I use Stage to create Google Street View tours, floor plans, and model views on a free subscription, to sell to customers that want more than just a 360 photography tour.
Metareal Stage is one of the better tools for accurate 3d reconstruction rather than just jumping between panos. I’ve tried other options, but their room plan reconstruction and pricing is not a patch on what Metareal has to offer.
Marcus Conrad
I am an MSP in Egypt. I decided to try out Metareal Stage as a way to still offer 3D virtual tours for certain customers who can't afford paying for the Matteport Scanning services. Besides the affordability, I’ve loving Metareal’s ability to work with any 360 pictures.
I think 360 is the present (although some clients still think it’s the future) and I was looking to find the definitive online 360 VR tour software. With Metareal Stage, I can visit all my clients and show them a couple of VR tour samples on desktop and on Oculus Go.

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